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  • Engineer -In -Chief-cum-Secretary Works Department reviews the performance of Construction Supervision Consultant (M/s MSV) for Year- I roads.

    Engineer- in -Chief -cum-Secretary, Works Department reviewed the performance of M/s.MSV the Construction Supervision Consultant for Year- I roads and progress of work on 06.12.2013. Strict Monitoring Mechanism and Contract Management were emphasized for compliance by the Construction Supervision Consultant (“Engineer”).

  • M/s LEA Associates South Asia Pvt. Ltd. Commences services

    M/s LEA Associates South Asia Pvt. Ltd. Commences services as Construction Supervision Consultant (“Engineer”) in Jagatpur – Chandbali road (P04A & P04B) .Resident Engineers P04A & P04B have joined and issued letters of commencement to the contractors.

  • Invitation of Comments on Draft SBD (Costing more than Rs10.00 Lakh)

    RSID consultant has submitted the draft SBD for Works, costing more than Rupees 10.00 lakhs as a deliverable under Code and Manual assignment of their contract .Comments are invited from all stake holders within fifteen days as per Chief Engineer (DPI& Roads) Letter No-55610, dtd.07.12.2013.

  • Workshop on Contract Management organized by World Bank

    A 3-days Workshop on Contract Management was held from dt 13.11.2013 to 15.11.2013 in Bhubaneswar. The Workshop was organized by the World Bank Group. The following resource persons presented on different aspects of Contract Management. 1. Mr. D Chakraborti 2. Ms S Mohanty 3. Mr. S Panda 4. Mr. N Raman 5. Mrs. Heena Doshi 6. Ms Raminder Caur 7. Mr. Shivendra Kumar 8. Ms. Papia 9. Ms. Manvinder 10. Mr. Rajesh Rohatgi, 11. Mr. Sujit Das 12. Mr. Shirish Mishra, 13. Mr. Y C Sharma 14. Mr. Jayadev Mishra 15. Mr Videsh Upadhya Representatives of OSRP, OCTMP, OSDMA, OWSSB, P&C and other projects and Department of Government of Odisha participated in the Work shop.

  • RPDAC for Bhadrak district jurisdiction of P02 held on 30.10.13

    The 2nd meeting of RPDAC for Basantia-Bhadrak-chandbali road under Bhadrak district jurisdiction of package P02 was held at Cuttack on 30.10.13 under the chairmanship of RDC, CD. RPDAC approved the revised PAP’s list including Bhadrak junction and took key decisions to streamline implementation of R&R, LA issues.

  • World Bank Mission visits Odisha from 23.10.13 to 30.10.2013.

    The World Bank Mission led by Mr.Rajesh Rohtagi (Mission Leader) TTL visited Odisha from 23.10.2013 to 30.10.2013 for review of OSRP. The other Team Members consisted of the following members. 1. Mr Sri Kumar Tadimalla ( CO-TTL and PPP Specialist) 2. Sri Manvinder Mamak ( Financial Management Specialist) 3. Mr.Khabilonagtshup Khumujam, (Environmental Specialist) 4. Mr.Satya Narayan Mishra, (Social Development Specialist) 5. Miss. Swayansidha Mohanty, (Procurement Specialist) 6. Mr.Sujit Das, (Consultant –Highway Engineering) 7. Mr .Ernst Huning , (Consultant , Institutional Development Specialist) 8. Mr.Kevin Mcpherson (Consultant Asset Management) 9. Mr.Krishnan Srinivasan, (Governance-GAAP Specialist) 10. Mr.N.S Srinivas, (Operation Specialist) The Team visited P01A, P01B, P02 P03, P04A and P04B sites accompanied by Er. Om Prakash Patel, CE (WBP) along with other PMU members and review the progress of work and status of Mobilisation by the contractors and consultant. The team reviewed the progress of works under packages P01A,P01B ,P03 and LA, R&R issues of all packages with NGOs and PMU. Separate Meeting was held with consultants separately for ISAP activities. The Mission met EIC-cum-Secretary, Works Department, Government of Odisha on 30.10.2013 and also Chief Secretary on 30.10.2013. The wrap-up meeting was taken by Engineer-in-Chief-cum Secretary on 30.10.13.

  • RPDAC meeting for Jagatpur - Chandbali road held on 30.10.13.

    The much awaited 1st meeting of regional periphery Development advisory committee (RPDAC) for Jagatpur- Chandbali road .under packages P04A and P04B was held at Cuttack on 30.10.13 under the chairmanship of RDC, CD. RPDAC to approve the land losers and PAP’s list as per RAP and took key decision to streamline implementation of R&R, LA issues

  • Contract for Implementation NGO in Jagatpur - Chandbali road awaited.

    After dismissal of WP (C) no.11712 of 2012 by Hon’ble High Court and in compliance to Hon’ble High Court judgment dt.9.07.2013 the selection process for INGO in Jagatpur-Chandbali road with respect to EOI No.5189 dt.20.02.2012 has been completed by OSRP. After getting clearance from the World Bank fresh (three) rounds of negotiation were held with VARRSA and finally the contract was awaited to VARRSA. INGO at a C.P of Rs 48.94 lakhs + service tax with contract period of 27 months. The INGO VARRSA has taken over the charge from the interim arrangement to continue the ongoing Rehabilitation and Resettlement activities with effect from 1.11.13.

  • RPDAC meeting for P02 and P04A and P04B to be held on 30.10.13

    The RPDAC meeting for Jagatpur-Chandabali Road (P-04A and P-04B) (Cuttack, Kendrapara and Bhadrak district) and Basantia-Bhadrak-Chandbali road ( P02) (Bhadrak district) shall be held at Cuttack on 30.10.13.

  • World Bank Mission to visit Odisha from 23.10.13 to 30.10.13

    The World Bank Mission led by Mr.Rajesh Rohatgi shall visit Odisha from 23.10.13 to 30.10.13.


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